Website hosting and domain registration

We provide fast and always online websites with the latest hosting techniques.

Top of the line hosting

Providing hosting is a business on its own. That's why we have partnered with This is one of the most respected domain registration and hosting providing companies of the country. We have good deals with them, offering top of the line techniques, like hosting-in-the-cloud and more. If your website requires more bandwidth, more harddisk space or even more speed - then this is no problem and can be added unlimitedly.


Hosting your website or webshop with us costs a low fee of 25,- per month. If you do not own a domain yet, we can register it for you for free. You can also obtain an unlimited number of email addresses. The hosting fee is subject to our Fair Use Policy*.


Since you are a customer of RAM Vision, you will never have to worry about contacting Argeweb. For all inquiries, requests or problems you contact us by phone, email, contact form or ticket and we will take care of it. Simple and effective.


Our servers at are secured with the latest technologies. Furthermore, to enhance security on our servers we have equipped the CMS with a white list, meaning only allowed IP's, such as your own, will be able to access the administrative areas on your website.

* Our Fair Use Policy means you are not allowed to use excessive more bandwidth than the average user. If your website requires more bandwidth, we will offer you a more suitable solution.