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A Content Managment System plays an important role in the success of your website or webshop.

Webshop Content Managment System

The all-in-one eCommerce CMS (Content Management System) helps you start selling online in no time. Create your complete website and online store using the best store software. Securely accept payments and manage products, orders and customers. RAM Vision CMS is 100% in-house developed based on the needs and requirements from real customers.

General Info

Price License costs € 75,- p/m
Hosting Safe, fast and reliable€ 25,- p/m
Design Custom Design by RAM Vision or create
your own with the RAM Vision Widget System
Payment Service Provider
Payment methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • iDEAL
  • Banktransfer
  • Payment Service Provider
    Buckaroo.nl or to your own choice
    Implementation by RAM Vision
    Number of eMail adresses
    These eMail addresses will have both pop3 and IMAP

    Admin Features

    Add products Unlimited
    Add product brands Unlimited
    Add categories Unlimited
    Add blog posts Unlimited
    Automatic invoicing yes
    Print packing slip yes
    Transportation costs yes
    Stock managament yes
    TAX Add unlimited Tax groups, which can be assigned on category and product level
    Customer eMail interaction You are able to change the email correspondance templates (with your customers) such as registration, password requests, order placed etc.
    eMails, inovice and packing slip to your own design yes
    Send eMails yes
    Webshop searchengine finetuning
    Words index, synonyms and blacklist
    Orders overview yes
    Customers overview & management yes
    Edit site text yes
    Add pages yes
    Template editor
    You have the ability to edit site and webshop templates. The CMS has it's own custom Syntax Coding. Knowledge of PHP or other programming languages are not necessary. However, knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are mandatory.
    You will get access to documentation of the CMS Syntax
    Multi-langual means you will have the ability in the CMS to expand your webshop with multiple languages.
    Upload videos
    Upload videos and convert them to web format.
    Assign videos to products, articles and blogs or create a video section like youtube for your site.
    Create photo albums
    Upload fotos, group them and showcase on your website.

    Webshop Features

    Display products You can display as many products on a single page you want. Pagination will take the customer to all pages. Each product will have it's info / order page.
    Products categorization Products can be displayed by category, by brand or by both.
    Products sorting Products can be displayed based on most viewed, popularity, most sold and last added
    Products order Products can be sorted by for example price, title, date, etc.
    Shopping cart Visitors can add products to their cart throughout your webshop
    Searchengine yes
    Searchengine friendly URL's
    will become:
    Customer accounts Registration with eMail confirmation.
    Overview orders.
    Edit customer profile.
    Download invoices.

    Website Features

    Pages Independent add pages to your website
    • Add textual content to your pages via Articles
    • Add (youtube) videos and photos to your site
    Blog Start a blog on your website
    Post videos yes
    Post photos yes

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